Recent Publications

The following list is a sample of the research publications based out of the RHRP lab and collaborative work Dr. Tracey O'Sullivan has been involved with as a co-investigator on other projects.

Lemyre, L. & O'Sullivan, T.L. in Kapucu, N., Hawkins, C.V. & Rivera, F.I. (Eds) (2013). Enhancing community resilience: A matter of multi-level framework, mixed methods, and multi-sectoral tools (Chapter 13), Disaster Resiliency: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, New York: Routledge, 271-290.

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O'Sullivan, T., Ghazzawi, A, Stanek, A, & Lemyre, L. (2012) We don't have a back-up plan: An exploration of family contingency planning following stroke, Social Work in Health Care. 51, 1-21. DOI: 10.1080/00981389.2012.681539

Kuziemsky, C., O'Sullivan, T., & Corneil, W. (2012). An upstream-downstream approach for disaster management information systems design, Proceedings of the ISCRAM Conference, Vancouver, BC, April 2012,

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O'Sullivan, T. & Bourgoin, M. (2010). Vulnerability in influenza pandemic: Looking beyond medical risk, Literature review prepared for the Public Health Agency of Canada as a background paper for a national consultation meeting on pandemic planning. Available at:

O'Sullivan, T.L., Fortier, M., Faubert, C., Culver, D., Blanchard, C., Reid, R. & Hogg, W. (2010) Interdisciplinary Physical Activity Counseling in Primary Care: A Qualitative Inquiry of the Patient Experience, Journal of Health Psychology, 15(3), 362-372.

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